Sometimes Education Involves Learning About Our Own Capabilities

When people think about education, they tend to imagine huge textbooks and long days in a classroom. They seldom think about heart pounding excitement. Just as few imagine breathtaking beauty and grace when people talk about learning new things. But one of the important points about really existing in the world is continuing to learn about every aspect of it. We usually get a good deal of book learning out of the way fairly early on.

Standard education tends to neglect the important subject of our own physical presence in the world though. True, most schools have some form of physical education. But this is usually fairly low key. It covers only the most basic aspects and tends to skew to the lowest performing students. It’s not going to give someone the chance to really investigate what the world has to offer in terms of higher performance physical activity. Likewise, the arts tend to be neglected as well. This all points to what one could expect from a convergence between the two as well. Artistic study which has a physical aspect to it will seldom get much attention in standard schools.

But when one looks at continuing education or trade schools the world opens up in some interesting ways. One can often find a chance to study physical activities which require remarkable balance. This can include performing arts or even martial arts. And this leads to another interesting convergence. Learning about one aspect of physical performance will often equip …