Dual Language Education

Proficiency in English is vital, but it is only one factor that supports high levels of academic achievement. Then the support from Ministry Of Education and Training (MOET) to teach ethnic minority writing, draws up curriculums, publishes teaching manuals and textbooks, trains teachers, and directs the plans and teaching methodology for different languages make the programs closer to the practical requirement.bilingual education

In 1968 Congress passed the Bilingual Education Act to provide for the growing number of linguistically diverse students who, because of their limited English proficiency, were not getting an education equal to that of their English-proficient peers.

Yet, the common reading of this government action of co-opting the Cham people’s acceptance and psychological support of the program is some kind of a pacification campaign instead of a genuine mother language development program for the Cham people which is the case in the other language programs for minorities and/or indigenous people throughout the world.

It is a strict standard compared to most foreign language programs, but many studies have shown that immersion students did not lose any native level ability in L1 but rather gained academic (Bostwick, 2001) and cognitive benefits from effective bilingual education programs.bilingual education

But Gigi Luk at Harvard cites at least one brain-imaging study on adolescents that shows similar changes in brain structure when compared with those who are bilingual from birth, even when they didn’t begin practicing a second language in earnest before late childhood.bilingual education