Effective Bilingual Teaching

Miriam Flores remembers that her daughter Miriam was doing well in her first two years in school in the border town of Nogales, Ariz. The most important impetus for widespread adoption of bilingual education, however, was the 1960s civil rights movement. Twenty out of Chula Vista’s 45 schools are bilingual – the highest concentration in the county. As an alternative, they could take the Bilingual Generalist EC-6 and the BTLPT.bilingual education

I think that being bilingual proves to be an asset to those persons who are able to speak more than one language in a country which is considered a melting pot. Being bilingual gives the advantage of being to communicate with persons from different nationalities/countries and can be rather effective for future employment.

The peer reviewer gains various benefits by reviewing his or her peer’s assignment. In keeping with the American bilingual tradition, they were becoming part of the fabric of American society while maintaining their own distinct linguistic and cultural strands, both in and out of school.bilingual education

Either make it a true dual-immersion program, or don’t do it. Because then you give a bad name to bilingual education when it’s not done right,” said Alfaro. Community-wide activities engage both immigrant parents and a multiethnic teaching faculty, which is about 70 percent bilingual or trilingual.

The following article is an excellent resource for many of us who support bilingual education over English-only instruction. A new Chapter 1, Pursuing Successful Schooling, includes the definition of success that frames the content of the book, and a review of how the research on bilingual education has changed.bilingual education