Essential Items to add to a property development contract

In simple words a property development contract is defined as a mix contract between a land purchase and construction contract with various exclusive characteristics. If you have decided to purchase a new property (flat or home) that is only recorded in papers you need you lawyer to evidence property development contract. The developer in this contract agrees to relocate title to a parcel of desired property to make it available for occupancy.

It is the actual legal document prepared by top rated law firms on the demand of their clients. The clients can use them for competitive intelligence, composing property documents or obtaining information about transaction within an industrial sector. Penang development, the orient pearl topped with highest direct approved investment in Malaysia was at RM8.5 billion in the year 2017. Both foreign and local investments into the country has encouraging flows, paired with the good economic indicators which shows gradual improvement in general sentiments.

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Here are few items about which you need to be sure to add them to a property development contract:

1. Financial Terms

Like most of the people if you think it would be difficult for you to purchase a house without mortgage, your purchase offer should reflect that your proposal is dependent on procuring finance at a specific interest rate at that point. Researching for the current interest rates and getting your loan approved in advance is beneficiary. If you know you cannot afford to pay interest rate above 6% mention the authentic rate you will be able to pay off.

2. Who will pay specific closing cost

The contract should clearly state that who is going to pay the associated common fee for the purchase, the buyer or the seller. These fees include title search fee, insurance fee, transfer taxes, recording fee, notary fee and many more.

3. Home Inspection Contingency

A home inspection contingency is to be encompassed in your offer unless you are purchasing a tear down. If the home inspection contingency discloses any major or expensive repair and maintenance flaws this clause allows you to move away from the deal. Such as if the home inspection contingency reveals that the home needs repair and maintenance of $20,000 which you cannot afford, you can simply walk away from the deal.

4. Closing Dates

What is the duration you need to complete the transaction of your purchase? Commonly its is 30 to 60 days’ time frame. There might be some issues that affect this time frame as seller’s need to search for a new home, or the time required to approve loan. Thus, a contract should clearly mention the time frame and closing dates needed for the purchase transactions of the property. Berjaya condominium helps you build the best property and thus for that you need property development agreement with all the above-mentioned essentials.