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DevOps Tools and Tools to Monitor a Website. The current wave in technological advancements have made us see how technology is rapidly changing. The main reasons why we are appreciating technology changes is because they are easing the way of life. For this reason, people have devised ways that are helping them to do things in the right way and at the same time, deliver the best solutions as per the given requirements. The tools that the developers are coming up with makes service delivery an easy task. When it comes to monitoring websites, there are tools that are now available to offer that service. The article explains how they can be used and the importance of these tools too. It is wise that we first note that most of the tools used for monitoring websites are mainly open-source. Open-source is basically a way in which the original source code of the software is available to everyone so that they can redistribute and modify too. This allows is to be used by ways such synthetis monitoring. This works by using the tools to mimic web transactions in any kind of web browser. They mainly simulate actions or paths which end-users of the website can take on the site. Features usually tested are functionality, availability and measures on response time. Since user behaviour on these websites is what is usually simulated, there is need to monitor commonly trafficked paths as well as any critical business processes. Uptime monitoring involves ensuring that the website is always available to users. In case the website goes offline, the owners can always receive notifications either as SMS alerts or as emails. The good thing about this is that the owner is able to realize the downtime before the users do. The open-source tools for monitoring usually do so on certain time intervals like one minute on different locations, globally. Monitoring tools are also designed that they can alert owners of the sites in case the notifications they receive are potential false positives.
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Other monitoring tools are designed to check on a site’s performance by load testing. What is done is that the site is subjected to tests like putting demand then checking on the way it is responding. The main aim of such a test is to see how it can behave on normal conditions and any anticipated peak conditions. Some people will refer to this as stress testing. The main aim is usually to determine and validate suitability for use of the website being stress tested.
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In conclusion, all these monitoring tools are very important as they help in maximizing search engine optimization. They also assist in ensuring that no unexpected glitches are encountered that may affect how a website ranks plus its traffic too. Therefore, there is need for awareness by website owners of these monitoring tools that can help them come up with the best results from their websites.