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Things to Consider When Posting a Recruitment Advertisement People is needed in every company. Manpower allows companies to operate where producing products or delivering services. It is a fact that manpower resource is critical to the operation of the company. Unfortunately, the employees do not last forever in the company. Some employees will look for a better position and resign from the company. It could also be that the employees were let go. Some people are no longer fit to work and has to retire. Anytime an employee leaves the company, there must be a replacement. Now it is time to recruit new employees. When it comes to recruitment, advertising for it could bring a lot of potential candidates. How do you make a great recruitment ad? Details of the job – You need to start with what job you are offering. What job position is currently vacant? It is not enough for just the name of the job. Give additional details to avoid confusing the applicants. This will let the applicants know what the company expects from them once they got the job. Also put in the salary range they can have once they got the job. Number of available positions -What is the exact number of person to be hired by the company? Some recruitment is only for one position. It could also be multiple vacancies. Applicants are not much interested to struggle on a single vacancy. On the other hand, multiple vacancies can move a lot of applicants.
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Qualifications – If not all people can apply, you need to specify the minimum qualifications. It would be a hassle if most of the applicants are not qualified for the job. You can limit the required experience, educational background or skills for those who can qualify for the job. You can then minimize the number or random applicants. This is one effective way to screen people without spending energy and resources.
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Recruitment process – Without giving away company secrets, put a summary of the recruitment process on the advertisement. Is it only a written exam or combined with an oral interview? Applicants will know how to prepare for the recruitment. Location of the recruitment or contact information – A contact number or location for the interview is also important in the advertisement. It will make it easier for anyone interested in the job to contact the company. There are also a phone interview which many companies are using. Some recruitment process are direct interview. Schedule for recruitment – Do not forget to put the schedule for recruitment. A recruitment can be limited for a single day. Most recruitment process will take for around a month or more. Make a recruitment speech – Many people are often moved by how interesting the recruitment advertisement is. A recruitment speech can greatly boost the population of applicants coming for the interview. These things can help you create an amazing advertisement for your recruitment.