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Planning an Excellent Wedding Sand Ceremony. A wedding sand ceremony is expressed the joining together of two people or two families. The idea may seem very simple, but it is very spectacular. Each person has a different colored sand and drains it to a vase one vase one after the other. It appears in the vase in different layers. The pouring of the sand can be done either by the couple alone or ask the children or relatives to join I the pouring using different colors. The color creates a peaceful feeling for the families involved. The sand is used in place of candle where the couple lights one central candle together. The beauty of using sand is that you can display the beauty in your home as opposed to the candle as it burns and blows out. At the same time it is not easy lighting candle where there is the wind, therefore sand becomes the most suited for outdoor ceremonies.. The couple is each given a jar with a different color sand and after the officer explain a few words, they both pour into an empty vase one at a time. Normally the groom is the one who starts pouring the sand. Then the bride also pours her sand into the same vase forming a different layer. If they are accompanied by other family members, they each pour their sand into the central vase. When the couple is not joined in the ceremony by the other members of the family; they pour in turns until they finish. The sands form a mixture representing the joining together in unison of the two families. The couple would like to be the ones doing the final pouring. Others will like all the participants to pour at the same time in the final pouring. The sand ceremony can be done at any step of the wedding ceremony. It can also be done at the reception. A good number of people want the practice to follow the exchange of rings immediately. That ways it acts as the crown of the whole exercise. Normally what you need for this service is a different sand color for each participant. The amount of sand that you need depends on the size of the vessel you are using. The and can be available in any shop that sells bridal accessories. Every participant is supposed to have their vase. The sand is supposed to be poured in one central and clear vase. You may want to vases to be anywhere close to the platform. If you place them on a table it can be the one used for the service. The couples may prefer to have their name put on the vases. In religious ceremonies the priest can pour white sand first as a sign of the presence of God.What You Should Know About Ideas This Year

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