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How to Prepare a Concrete Floor Concrete floors are widely used in the commercial and residential setups. They are both versatile and strong. The unfinished and rough look of concrete floors done not well are not favoured by most people. There are however techniques that can help add the beauty and versatile of concrete floors. Polished floors are mostly preferred for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. The epoxy coating, on the other hand, is preferred for the garage, basement and laundry room. There features can only be achieved if the proper concrete floor preparation is done. The contractor is most likely to spend more time doing the concrete floor preparation. This is important since if he hurries, the result will be a bad looking surface and one that will age prematurely. A lot has to be done if it involves preparing existing concrete floor. Closely examine the sealant and coating. They have to be removed. Remove any excessive laitance until the solid concrete has been revealed. The next step is to conduct a thorough cleaning on the floor. This activity requires use of special equipment and special chemicals. Once cleaning is done, the next step will be dependent on the type of final floor to be done. In case it is was a new surface; you would only have to pour the concrete. With use of trowels, you will smoothen out, and with use of floats, you will bring excessive water on the surface.With some practice, anybody can do this since it is easy. The durability and highly resistant to grease and oils make the epoxy coating to be the preference for garages and auto showrooms. Epoxy coating is well used for rough surface. If you want to have epoxy coating, ensure that you have it rough. Chemicals can be used to achieve this if not done mechanically. Any method will do and the contractor will give a reason for using any of them. The next option is to prepare concrete floor for living areas. Preparing the concrete floor for the home interior will have to be done differently from the above process. The floor requires to be polished. This means that a lot of grinding and polishing has to be done to make it best. The majority of homeowners want to have stained concrete floors
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Acid based stains are the best for concrete floors. It reacts with concrete to form the stain. Since the stain is chemically reactive; it is neutralized using special soaps. This will be finalized by clearing it with plain water. Unlike the epoxy coating that is strong enough, the polished floor require coating for protection. This done by applying a base sealant and then wax above it. You can apply wax severally before the sealant looses its effectiveness. Working with a concrete floor expert through the process is desirable.Smart Tips For Uncovering Materials