Incorporating A Comfortable Classroom with New Technology Encourages Learning

Classrooms today for our youth are not what they were when we were growing back. If you sit and reflect back to your time in elementary school what comes to mind? Maybe you only are thinking of the uncomfortable wooden desks that were one heavy piece of furniture with the chair connected to the desk itself. Perhaps you are thinking of the black board and being the special helper to hit the erasers together and find yourself encompassed in the obnoxious and cough inducing cloud of chalk dust. Think a little bit harder though and consider the technology that you had in the classroom. Any adults that went through elementary school in the 80’s and 90’s had to sit through projection slides that reflected to the front of the room. Some teachers had students help with flipping slides and other times the teacher would just teach from the projector itself. There was also educational movie day where a gigantic box television was wheeled in on a cart and a video that was worn way to thin was played. These are the classrooms of the past.

Children in classrooms today have so much technology and comfort available to them. A lot of teachers have gone away with atrocious and uncomfortable desks in favor of flex seating. Kids need to exert some energy and get comfortable when it comes to studying and retaining new learning concepts. Teachers use crates with cushions, yoga balls and various types of chairs for students to sit at and fidget on while they are learning. This could be in part due to the shortened recess time. Students now typically get about 25 minutes for lunch and 25 for recess at most. This includes the time it takes to get through the line and obtain lunch and then 5 minutes of clean up and line up time at the end. This means the average student gets about 15 minutes at most to eat their lunch and the same is for recess. The lineup process can take five to ten minutes which means they are only allowed about fifteen to twenty minutes to exert any pent-up energy and breathe in fresh air. Then it is back to the classroom.

The technology that is incorporated into the day to day learning activities has vastly improved over the past few decades and children now get to utilize some type of classroom walkthrough software that will introduce step by step processes that are customized for each child’s specific learning needs. A lot of these programs are specialized for math, reading, science and spelling. Students engage in the activities presented in the software and sometimes earn special recognition awards and certificates as they master certain skills.

Establishing a comfortable classroom environment is a major factor in increasing a child’s learning abilities. When children are comfortable at school, they want to show up every day and learn. The technology provided also is engaging and encourages continuing learning. Parents should also seek out suggestions on programs and apps that can be used at home to encourage children to practice reading and math facts.