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Functions of Highlife Ghana Music. One of the world’s fastest growing industry is music industry. Both African and European countries have played a significant role in the growth of the industry. For instance, the old Ghana music has transformed to better kind of music known as highlife. Highlife music is music that is produced using the old Akan rhythms using the western musical instruments. The Ghanaians are the primary beneficiaries of the highlife music. The articles contain some of the roles that have been played by highlife music to the Ghanaian society. The primary role of highlife music in Ghana is to pass information. Majority of Ghanaian are in love with the rhythm, text, and melody of the highlife music. The artists have taken advantage of the popularity of the music to relay different kinds of political information and also their feelings. The artists have also expressed information relating to the social life of Ghanaians and their customs and traditions. The songs have also be used by many industries for commercial reasons such as advertisement. Therefore, if you want to pass a message to Ghanaians in an entertaining way you should create a highlife music. The only way that Ghanaians have been able to remember their traditional music is through the highlife songs. The traditional Ghana music was eroded by the introduction of religion and exposure to western music. Today, the only existing kind of music that has elements of traditional Ghana music is highlife. The highlife songs always incorporate the Traditional Akan rhythms which serve as a reminder. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the old Ghanaian rhythms then you should find an album of highlife music although the instruments are western.
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The growth of highlife music industry has also resulted in the generation of income to the country. Highlife music is recognized globally and listened by people from different nationalities. The highlife live concerts are always visited by foreigners who pay to enjoy the music. The money paid by the foreigners find its way to the government bank accounts through tax, and it is in turn used for development. The albums are also selling internationally enriching the music artists. Since it is a popular kind of music, the unity of Ghanaians have improved.
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The universal function of music is entertainment. Listening to highlife songs is always entertaining because of the unique genre. Highlife music is commonly played in the Ghanaian bars and clubs as a form of entertainment. Highlife songs are also available in audio-visual format making them more interesting. The dances included in the videos are usually traditional and western. Therefore, the best form of kind of Ghanaian songs to listen to are the highlife songs.