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Christian Counseling Is there a difference between Christian counseling and secular counseling? Christian counseling and secular counseling are the same in the sense that the main goal of the sessions done is to help people solve their dilemmas in life. To be happy and fulfilled in life is what Christian counseling and secular counseling aims to see for people with problems. Being mentally and emotionally stable is the aim of whether it be Christian counselling or secular counseling. Counselors learn their crafts over time and possess post baccalaureate studies. There are multiple definitions for the word counseling.
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Counseling may mean advising or encouraging a person. Sharing of wisdom or skills may also be referred to the act of counseling. Counseling activities may vary from setting goals to conflict resolution. The past of a person is usually probed into in order for the counselor to help the person in repairing his or her current situation. It is the role of the counselor to trace the causes of psychological problems such as physical and chemical imbalances. Resolving people’s conflicts and restoring people’s relationships is one of the major parts of counseling.
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What are the roots of Christian Counselling? While they may appear to be the same because of their objectives, Christian counseling is different from secular counseling. Christian counseling is counseling of another level. As against psychological explanations, Christian counseling which is also known as biblical counseling aims to know those areas of life of a Christian where he or she may be found to be in rebellion to the principles and commands found in the bible. The Christian counselor carefully encourages the Christian person to seek God to be able to walk in His will faithfully and with ease. Christian counseling has definite measures on evaluation if a Christian person has already resolved his problems and is actually already restored. The Bible is the ultimate standard of truth by which the Christian counselor determines the progress of the person counseled. There is no definite measure of success by which the secular counselor evaluates his or her counselee. Secular counseling instead uses the latest psychological findings or societal norm as the measure to evaluate the condition of a person’s progress. And such standards are dynamic meaning they keep on changing from time to time. In secular counseling, there is therefore no absolute standard to evaluate the morals and choices of people. The Bible states ways on how to deal with a man’s nature, his life, his family and his marriage which is a practice manifested in Christian counseling. Christian counseling has a fixed basis on which to measure the success of a person counseled while secular counseling does not provide for fixed terms.