Bilingual Education And Equality

We have been working since 1996 with the Departamento de Educación, Política Lingüística y Cultura to support the implementation, development and evaluation of bilingual education throughout Spain. As The Los Angeles Times explains , the measure gives communities and their schools more control over whether to offer bilingual education and, if they do, which language to choose besides English. I have briefed principals about my legal or programmatic obligations which exist or new bilingual/ESL programs must meet.

Most of the weak forms of bilingual education were reserved for the children of immigrants and minorities except the Mainstream with Foreign Language Teaching model, which is ineffective and scarcely threatens to change the existing social order. Texas Senator Ralph Yarborough introduced a bill in 1967 with the intention of providing school districts with federal funds to establish educational programs for Spanish speaking students.bilingual education

I think there are parents that still think that – maybe because they had negative experiences with a bilingual program – that they’re not very effective. One required Student Teaching experiences must be completed in a bilingual education classroom (grades 1 – 6).bilingual education

Bilingual teachers take the Generalist EC-6, Bilingual Supplemental, and the BTLPT (required proficiency test). The Chacón-Moscone bill also required that California provide supplemental financial support to schools to implement these programs. Schools have the flexibility to design their own programs to suit the needs of both English learners and students already proficient in English who want to learn another language.

The most important government document on …