Why Is Bilingual Education ‘Good’ For Rich Kids But ‘Bad’ For Poor, Immigrant Students?

The state of Texas is currently under fire for not providing a quality education to students learning English, particularly at the middle and high school levels. They are able to serve well The National Security Language Initiative, which called for action in increasing the availability and quality of long-term foreign language programs to aid in global awareness, national security, and economic competitiveness of the U. S. (U.S. Department of Education, 2006).bilingual educationbilingual education

This is a very inspiring bilingual school project which shows that working collaboratively, being aware that language is as important as content and assessing this knowledge is essential to have in a successful bilingual program Portfolios can be a useful tool to make students aware of their progress in the target language.

But two-way immersion programs require a balance of native Spanish and English speakers, and she worried she might not have the numbers to support it. Compared with, say, San Diego Unified or Chula Vista school districts, Lakeside had a lower percentage of English-learners and a higher percentage of white and affluent parents.

Besides the problem of non-random selection into bilingual education, there are also complications in measuring education outcomes for limited English proficient students Thus, estimating the causal impact of bilingual education on student achievement is a challenge.

According to a report by Kathleen Wilson and Jean Cowden Moore in the Ventura County Star, since the passage of Proposition 227 local school districts in California have reduced the number of students who are learning in Spanish to …