Appraisal Institute Online Education

We offer more than 70 online degrees, certificates, and educator licenses, taught by the same faculty who teach on campus. Education for digital libraries is a complex proposition, in part because it involves so many layers of technology and at the same time so much that is new in creation, content, representation, organization, access, and use, and in social, legal, and cultural education

Volery and Lord place the reasons for the growth of online education into four major categories; expanding access, alleviating capacity constraints, capitalizing on emerging market opportunities, and serving as a catalyst for institutional transformation (2000).

Such infrastructure problems are not faced by developed countries, though sometimes, as in Russia which is also seeking the use of online education to meet an educational need, there can be infrastructure difficulties: thus in Russia conventional postal delivery can be problematic while delivery electronically via satellite to the best of current equipment could be perfectly feasible.

We concentrated on courses where digital libraries or digital librarianship were mentioned as a term, but we also included courses that used synonymous concepts, exemplified by terms such as electronic library, or library of the future; we also included virtual museums, as having a strong connection with digital libraries.

While students enrolled at a traditional community college or trade school may often experiment with different courses before deciding upon a course of study, it is more usual for the online associate’s degree student to choose a particular program of study before enrolling in an online …