Ways to Educate and Connect with Your Children

It’s a fun time to be a kid and even more fun to be a parent. Here are some ways to educate and connect with your children in a modern-day world.

Give them real world experiences

Books and stories are great, but what better way to teach them about the world than by showing them the world? If you want to give your kids an education on other cultures, societies, and ethnicities, then why not actually take them to these places so they can learn firsthand?

Teach them a history lesson by taking them to ancient Rome or show them how they celebrate Christmas in Ireland. The world is your oyster and there is nothing stopping you, especially if you’re smart about your travels. Book wisely and book with Crown Plaza Hotels via their online coupons. Who says an education has to cost an arm and a leg?

Incorporate real world situations in their everyday life

Teaching kids the value of a dollar can help guide them on how to make a million. Okay, maybe not that much, but it does demonstrate the importance of working hard for the things you want in life. Starting chores at a young age teaches responsibility and ownership and also allows them to see how fast money can go or even how to save their money for larger things. Money doesn’t grow on trees… or in dad’s pocket!

Teach them the value of basic skills

Aside from being born with a specific skill set or passion, it’s rare to find a school that teaches things like how to balance a bank account, or change a tire or make a pie. I’m not saying these things are going to be life or death in your child’s life, but why give your kid a fish to eat when you can show him how to use a pole? Makes sense, right?

Things like changing a tire will come in handy, especially once they start driving. The same with cooking. Boys and girls need to learn how to fend for themselves and that doesn’t mean ordering takeout every night. Simple cooking skills can go such a long way, especially if you incorporate healthy eating habits into it as well.